Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's the little things...

I haven't posted for months and months due to life getting in the way.  I've been living life and not blogging about it.  And then my horrible, perfectionistic, must go in order self kicks in and doesn't allow me to blog about today, but instead go back and blog about what happened in May, June, July and August.  I will get to that, maybe!  But for today, I just want to remember the little things. 

Today I dropped Torin off at school and let him walk to the door and wait on his own for the bell to ring and go inside all by himself.  I was nervous to not wait with him like I had done every day thus far, but had to get the twins to preschool on time as well.  He said, "I can do it, Mom.  I'll stand in line and wait for Mrs. Spratt to let us in."  And off my big boy went running toward the door.  And there I waited in the van with the twins watching him.  But the best part...he turned around half-way to the door, smiled, waved and gave a big thumbs up.  Tears came flowing and I gave that big boy a thumbs up and drove away.  It's the little things...

Today my dear Ella saw lots of different signs in Berthoud with ribbons on them (they are the high school ribbon colors, so I'm guessing it's homecoming week or something), but she thought it was each and every sign's birthday.  I tried to redirect her, but she felt very convicted that it was their birthday and proceeded to sing 'Happy Birthday' to the signs.  It's the little things...

Today my amazingly smart, yet quiet Logan counted to 59 without any assistance or even being asked to do so.  He just started counting.  And we had no idea he could count that high.  It's the little things...

Today I helped a woman (and her family) collect clothes, food, house items and furniture from our church as she, her husband, and one-year-old daughter lost their entire trailer and everything in it in the flood.  I was able to spend almost an hour with this woman 'shopping' amongst our thousands and thousands of items that have been donated to try and rebuild just a little of what was lost.  I know how grateful she was to us for helping, but what she gave me today in continuing my faith and walk with Christ is indescribable.  It's the little things...

Today I witnessed a CEO of two major internet companies in Denver drive up to our church in little ol' Johnstown with his 'posse' in Escalade's and Denali's and unload bunches and bunches of clothes and items for our giveaway on Saturday. This CEO has donated/raised over $100,000 of food, clothing, water, etc. to different communities in Colorado affected by the flood.  The most amazing thing...after unloading, that CEO and his 'posse' prayed with us in a circle and thanked God for all His amazing gifts.  It's the little things...

Tonight I reflect on how amazing the little things in life are and know how grateful I am to experience them each and every day. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013

December 2012

December was full of countdowns to Christmas, Santa, Baby Jesus' Birthday and going to South Dakota to visit family for the holidays. 
We made chains to countdown the days!  We received awesome presents like these hats from Sean and Tracey.
We drew pictures to Santa of the presents we wanted.
Santa arrived at our house on the 19th, the morning before we left for South Dakota.  He brought scooters for all of us!
South Dakota was COLD, but we managed sledding down hills for the first time.

We attempted NUMEROUS photos with Great-Grandma Bartmann on Christmas Eve, but it was pretty late and Logan wasn't very cooperative.

Christmas morning was spent with Grandpa and Grandma Herding opening more Batman, Spiderman and Baby presents.

 We were able to get all NINE grandchildren on one couch with Grandpa and Grandma Bartmann for a photo-op.  I think this might be a sign for a new/bigger couch?!  :)
We tackled this with THREE cameras and got some great photos!